BREAKING: Duterte Bans Condom Use In The Philippines

The president of Philippines Rodrigo Duterte has placed a ban on the use of Condoms few days after France bans plastic cups, plates, and cutlery in a bid to save the planet.

It’s a logical move for a country known to revel in the finer things. France this week became the first country to pass an all-out ban on plastic cutlery, plates, and cups.

Duterte applauded France for such move and the world thought he was going to follow suit but rather placed a ban on the use of Condoms.

Unlike France, Duterte’s Condom ban is not to control environmental waste but to control immortality.

According to Duterte, the ban on the use of condoms became necessary after he found that loads of used condoms are all over the streets on Manila while inspecting a project.

Philippines becomes the first country to control immortality through the ban of the use of Condoms.

Featured Photo: India Times