BREAKING: Prostitute’s Client Turns Into Snake In Maseru

Prostitutes shall never learn lessons as long as ‘foolish men shall keep on giving them life by watering them with monetary and material gifts to fulfill their dreams of making a living without working but using their God-given bodies to see the promised land.

It was a scene of drama, a Nigerian-like movie in Maseru when a man turned into snake in the process of the fun making while on the Prostitute.

This incident happened at dawn of Wednesday in a hotel (name witheld) at the city of Maseru.

The lady is said to have met her client in a club in Maseru and upon negotiations, both agreed to share in their ‘blessings’. During the blessings initiations, the man turned into snake on the lady.

“He turned into snake on me. I quickly stood from the bed and ran while screaming for assistance. It was like a Nigerian movie to me. I have really regretted ever engaging in this trade. In fact this is the last client I have served.” – The lady, name witheld, told the press.

The Lesotho Zoological Service and the Police are in the scene trying to arrest the man in the form of capturing the snake.

As at the time of writing this article, the snake was still roaming in the hotel room.