Cowboys punter called his own number on fake

It gets kind of lost in a game that turned on an index card and a terrible rule, but the Cowboys also won a game in part because their punter decided to call his own number.

Via Clarence Hill of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, it was punter Chris Jones’ decision to take off running on fourth-and-11, en route to a 24-yard gain which set up a Dak Prescott go-ahead touchdown run later in the drive.

Did we mention it happened at their own 24-yard line?

“We work on everything,” Jones said. “The guys up front. They did their job. We were able to keep another possession alive. . . .

“You’ve got to trust it. It was there. We practice it. We got what we wanted and took advantage.”

Generally a coach is involved in such calls, but Jones said he’s been given the authority to make such decisions on the field, depending on what he sees.

If it didn’t work, considering the game situation and the field position, the Cowboys might be looking for a new punter today. But Jones’ gamble worked out, and he was able to enjoy the win and their longest run of the night.