“I will Only Resign If …” – Zuma Gives Condition For Resignation

Pressure has been mounted on South Africa President Jacob Zuma for months now to step down as president of the country and it keeps increasing day by day.

The recent to add his voice to the president’s resignation is the King of Zulu Goodwill Zwelithini who suggested that Zuma steps aside for him to take over the ruler-ship of the country.

The king, the traditional head of South Africa’s largest ethnic group, lamented that under Mr Zuma’s leadership “the country is gone”, citing the ruling party’s losses in recent local elections. The August vote saw the ANC lose control of the country’s capital Pretoria, along with Johannesburg and Port Elizabeth to the opposition Democratic Alliance, a party previously dogged by claims that its senior leadership were “too white”.

Zuma has today expressed his desire to resign as president of South Africa but with a condition. “If you can get me a successor better than I am, I will resign. I cannot leave the seat whereas no one is capable of handling it better than I do” – Zuma said.

The nation has been challenged to present a leader who is considered better than Jacob Zuma before he would consider resigning.

Source: The Press Release