Is he the one? Signs that show he is not the right one


Many women, when asked, would tell you that they easily fall in love. When they first meet that guy they feel that he is the one and that no one can ever take his place. We often fall so hard that we often ignore the signs that this guy is no good for us or simply not interested in us. Such “ignorance” when realized often causes us a lot of pain and distress. It is important to realize that men take longer to fall in-love than women do. Sure he will be infatuated with you, he’ll want to win you to his team, analyse how much he wants to be with you. Are you worth sacrificing his lifestyle and behaviour for?

But what happens when his infatuation begins to settle down and his attitude begins to change. You are giving your all to this relationship but it seems as if your boyfriend is not giving his all to you. How will you know that this guy is just bad for you and is not interested in you? How will you identify a bad boyfriend and walk away before it is too late?


He doesn’t reply or return your calls and messages immediately. Yeah, he might be busy with work or some other activity, but can a person be busy 24hours a day. In the situation where your boyfriend repeatedly delays in replying you and has constant excuses for such delays, you need to advise yourself that something is just not right.


One of the reasons for being in a relationship is to spend time with the person you care about. Spending time together does not mean you should always be together (tied at the hip). But once in a while you should get time to go out as a couple; watch a movie, go to the beach, go for a walk. If the situation arises where your boyfriend never seems to have time for you and he constantly has convincing excuses as to why he can’t spend time with you, warning bells should start ringing in your head that maybe this guy is just not interested in you.


Relationships involve two people making the conscious effort to get to know each other; you let your guard down and open up about yourself and your life. If your boyfriend has so many secrets (more than a spy of the CIA) and you hardly know other details of his life you should start realizing that maybe this guy might not be as interested in, you as you are in him. If these secrets have the names and faces of other girls, then you might want to consider your relationship with this guy.


A bad boyfriend is on who is constantly controlling you and telling you what to do; what you should wear, where you should go, who you can and can’t speak with, what toothpaste to you. Sure it might be a sign that he is concerned about you, but in instances such concern is excessive and you hardly get breathing space, you should know that maybe you are dealing with a bad boyfriend.


Your boyfriend is constantly discussing himself and what he wants. Your conversations always revolve around him and what he wants. He is never concerned about you or what you want or are going through. A relationship is a partnership where both of you show concern for each other. If your relationship is only about your boyfriend, then maybe you should consider if you want to be in a relationship with this guy.


Never be with someone who is abusive. Such abuse can be physical, emotional, or verbal. The moment you feel that you are being abused in anyway, you need to walk away. No matter how much you feel you care about this person, never make excuses for their abusive ways and tendencies. It’s better to leave than regret it later on in life.


It is true that a relationship is between two people and you shouldn’t care about other people’s opinions. But where you find that all of your friends and family are against this guy and constantly telling you that he is no good for you; you might consider that maybe they are right.

Any guy who really wants to be with you would make the conscious effort to get along with those who care most about you. If you find yourself with a boyfriend who is not concerned about getting to know your family and friends, then you might want to reconsider your relationship.


Catching your boyfriend lying on more than one occasion and about minor things IS NEVER A GOOD SIGN! Being in a relationship means you are open to one another and don’t keep secrets from each other. So if you find your boyfriend lying about things as minor about where he went to eat his lunch or who he has been talking with, you might want to re-evaluate if this is the man you want to be with.

Dating a guy who is constantly lying will only make you feel insecure and unhappy because you are not able to trust him. If you can’t trust your partner, then there is no point in being in a relationship with this person.

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